Life Lately…

I didn’t really mean to take a two month blogging hiatus, it just happened. In my attempt to conquer the ever-growing to-do list, blogging has been seriously neglected. Here is my meager attempt to fill you in on the latest happenings:

The Good:

1. Visited two new states! (LA and MS)

2. Spring Break to Pensacola and NOLA was just the break from reality our little family needed.

3. Successfully argued my thesis for Ed.S graduation

4. Ate a bug! (It was on the bucket list…)


6. Beach days with Addie

7. Broke ground on our new home!

8. Addie. She brings so much laughter and love to each day. Her favorite things now are ELMO, Barney, Doc McStuffings, saying the color of EVERYTHING, letting the dogs out and calling them back in, playing in the DIRT, EATING, butterfly kisses, running, swinging, coloring. Love everything about this little girl.

IMG_4433 IMG_4473 IMG_4478 IMG_4389 IMG_4415 IMG_4418

IMG_4479 IMG_4387 IMG_4388 IMG_4457 IMG_4477

The Bad & The Ugly: (this may not be the most appropriate title for this section because I know that God reveals his glory in ALL things.)

If it hasn’t been apparent by the lack of posts, the past several weeks have been challenging. Even with Spring Break, there have been several areas of life that have contributed to higher than normal stress levels! Anxiety at work has intensified with the upcoming high stakes testing season, finishing my thesis and preparing for oral defense has had my stomach in knots, building on the house has required constant communication with the bank and builder, and time for family and friends and fun has seemed to be scarce.

The loss of a dear family member this month has soften my heart and made me yearn for the kind of comfort that only the Holy Spirit can bring. He was such a sweet and spirited guy with a love for others and for life. I remember at Easter how Austin called for Addie to come and sit with him and give him a hug. Our last conversation he asked us how we liked our trip, and specifically if Addie had fun. He loved family and words can’t describe how he will be missed. My heart is struggling, but I know that all things work in His time and for His purpose. I know that God is showing me the importance of living in the moment each day and that I need to be intentional about the love, mercy, grace, and humility that I try to show others in my daily walk. We are called to live boldly for Christ, and I want to remember that each day and let Austin’s memory live on.

2 thoughts on “Life Lately…

  1. Sorry to hear about your loss and all the stress! Thankfully, all those stressful things are temporary! I can’t believe how big Addie is getting! We NEED to hang out. And I know, we always say that and it never happens. Sorry! :/ But we really do. The kids can actually PLAY together now! 🙂 And we love Elmo around here too!

    1. Yes we do nees to hang out. We were thinking that we should have a Tybee beach day together!? Congrats on ur trip to disney! I want to hear all the details as uou start planning!

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