Our Saturday With Addie: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is different with a kid. It is just a fact. I don’t think the day is necessarily any less sweet or special, but like many aspects of life post kid, it is just a bit different. There isn’t a big fuss or to do about “valentine plans” or elaborate gifts.. but the love I feel for Waring and Addie is real and it is genuine, and I think that is about all that matters.

We woke up early and played kitchen and colored and all of the usual Saturday morning around the house activities until Addie’s morning nap. After said nap we struck out towards Statesboro with Hubby’s parents. We had a quick lunch in the ‘boro and then separated for the guys to go to the driving range and the girls to go shopping.

We made it back home in time to plan small group for the next day, work on grad school homework and play for a little while longer.

I am not sure where the day went! Whew!!

Here are some highlights of the entire weekend:






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