Our Saturday With Addie

I think I have mentioned this before, but did you know that there are only 940 Saturdays between your child’s birth and the day they turn 18! That’s it. 940…not even 1000! It really just blows my mind in a “is this real life” kind of way. Maybe I am selfish, but I want MANY more than that.


There will be many uneventful, painfully mundane Saturdays spent cleaning, doing homework, being sick, or dare I say, bored. BUT, with the finite amount out Saturday time we have I want to make them count. I want to document them..the good..the bad..the boring…so here’s a start.

Last Saturday was a good one (you know, the kind where you don’t really have anything planned so you can do whatever you want….). Addie woke us up before dawn, of course and because the weather was supposed to be yucky we decided to go on adventure indoors. We arrived at Chuck E. Cheese right as it opened. Most of the games were far too old for Addie, but honestly she had a blast just looking at the machines, seeing Chuck E. and squealing at the other kids as they ran around!

chuck4 chuck2

Next we grabbed some lunch at a new restaurant in town with Mom and Dad. By early afternoon we were back at home to let Addie get her nap out. We realized we still had a few more hours of daylight left so we decided to get a little jog in around Baker’s pond with Addie in the stroller. She loved telling the ducks “hey” and going playing at the playground on the way out. To finish our busy little Saturday, we grabbed some groceries at Walmart and dinner from McAllister’s before calling it a night! WHEW! Time flies when you are having fun. Here’s to next Saturday!

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