Is this real life?

Sometimes life seems so surreal

2014-09-20 19.22.53

.My current reality:

1. We now are the parents of an almost-toddler (Addie is 11 months old)

2014-09-27 18.03.24-2

2. We just took Addie to her first foreign country (Bahamas on a family cruise)

3. We are the proud owners of our first Handi-House on our property!


2014-09-28 18.26.39


My current thoughts about this reality:

1. We are so blessed. I have made the joke many times that because we have sold our home before we have built our new one, that we are “homeless.” In reality that is not the case. We have so many “homes” that we feel welcome in during this time of transition. I am so thankful for family and friends who have opened their hearts and homes to us. I want to cherish every day and the memories that we make during this time.

IMG_2729 2014-09-27 18.03.022014-09-28 12.10.39 2014-09-26 14.30.05IMG_2759

2. We are in a season of change. As we close one chapter of our lives together, I can’t help but reflect upon all of the memories Waring and I made in our new home. This is the house we lived in for five years, and the house in which we brought Addie into. I feel like Waring and I are slowly “growing up” and it feels very strange, yet exciting. It seems that in every area of life, be it work, school, or personal life, everything is in a state of flux. While some aspect of this phase may be a bit uncomfortable, I believe that God is working and preparing us for the future.

3.  I love my family more and more each day. I am not sure how I could love a little girl more and more each day, but she kind of grows on you! It is also sweet to see her interact with Waring and see how great of a daddy he is to her. And through this whole experience I am reminded of how much I depend on my parents and parents-in-law more and more. I am so thankful for the love that they show to us.

4. I want to make a difference and I want to make my life meaningful. I think that often times we get so caught up in the busy-ness of life (or at least I do) that we don’t stop and focus on the only thing in life that matters. One day my heart will stop beating and my life here will be over. I don’t care about being famous, or wealthy, or even well-known. I want to have the bravery and courage to share Christ and make this life worth something. I want to life for Christ and not deadlines, term papers, and grocery lists.


2014-09-20 19.24.23


What can I say? Life is good.




One thought on “Is this real life?

  1. So many exciting things! I know God will use you in these times of transition and newness! 🙂 Let us know if y’all need anything! Except somewhere to live…our house is already booked! 😉

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