Adventure into Acupuncture


So this weekend marked another bucket list conquering adventure into the world of ACUPUNCTURE!

I had bought a groupon a few months ago, but I finally found the guys to carve out some time and bite proverbial bullet…. As I pulled up to he office I didn’t know what to expect. I walked into the office to see fabric draped over the lighting, crystals and dream catchers hanging in the windows, and not a soul to greet me, except a dog (whose name turned out to be Doby).

I decided to make myself at home and soon the acupuncturist made an appearance. He took some time to address my areas of concern, which were aches and pains from running and stress, and then we went to a room for the procedure.

As I laid down on the table I could help thinking to myself, what the heck have I gotten myself into!?! Sometime these bucket list adventures don’t turn out like expected, and I braced myself for the pain….

But it never came! The needles are so thin that I couldn’t feel anything at all! Really!!! After a few minutes to insert the needles into my scalp, stomach, hands, feet, and legs he put a cover over my eyes and sprayed some herbal concoction and let me rest for about 30 minutes. I took a bit of that alone time to pray and off to dreamland I went. He came back in, quickly extracted the needles and I was on my way. I felt refreshed and relaxed.

I am not sure when I will go back, but I hope it is soon! Who knew!?! Also, he let me try these acupressure ear balls as well. They are supposed to reduce stress and calm you…but I think look cool too haha!

Another successful bucket list adventure in how book (or blog)!


2 thoughts on “Adventure into Acupuncture

  1. Cool! I wanna try! Our ped will do it on babies and children sometimes. She’s never mentioned it to us, but I have a friend who uses her and she did it with her (then) 11 month old.

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