The Weekend Before Addie’s Birthday!

It really is amazing how God’s plans are so much more perfect than our own! The weekend before Addie arrive my very bestest besties were down for the weekend helping me prepare for Addie’s arrival. Little did we know just how SOON that day would be! We ate Japanese food, unpacked shower gifts, put together the glider and baby seat, and organized the Addie’s closet! We had time to catch up, be silly, and just enjoy time together. I guess Addie was so excited about all of her new clothes and toys she couldn’t wait any longer!

2013-10-20 19.06.31 2013-10-25 22.05.27 1234309_10101107004391451_195597509_n


Here’s a glimpse of Addie’s humble abode!

2013-10-27 09.01.21 2013-10-27 09.01.30 2013-10-27 09.01.37 2013-10-27 09.01.44 2013-10-27 09.02.09

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