Guess What Day It Is?



Yes, I am still working on lesson plans for the new school year! I feel like I am cutting it close, but if I can knock them out this week then I will be able to breathe a little bit easier next week (last week before pre-planning) and I can focus on last minute things I want to clean around the house, the nursery, and setting up my classroom! I know that people think all teachers do during Summer Break is goof off and sleep in (and you can be sure that there has been some of that too…) but I can’t count how many hours I have been spent glued to this computer screen planning my little heart out! This will be the 5th new subject I have planned for and taught in the past 4 years, YEESH! But, planning on the front end makes teaching a lot easier during the year, and with BABY ADDIE coming soon I really need to push myself!


But at least I have some comic relief for today…because it is HUMMMMP DAAAAY! YEAAAH!


In case you were wondering….

Next Bucket List Adventure: Next Sunday and Monday Meteor Showers!

Check it out! 




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