We’re Back…

After one of hubby and I’s best vacations to date, we are back in the PEACH STATE in then sweltering heat! We really enjoyed the cool weather in Washington and Alaska, but our family, friends, and life back in Georgia was calling. (Pictures and more info on our vacation to come just as soon as I can unpack our luggage and clean the mound of laundry that is sky-high!)



But while I have a few minutes I figured I would share just a few things…

Lessons Learned From Vacation:

1. Flying West to East is NOT fun! (We are normally flying to Europe for vacation so we fly to our destination during the night, but we gain time on our return flight. This trip however we left at lunch, and didn’t get into Savannah until midnight. That wasn’t really fun when Hubby had to work the next morning at 5am! Yikes!!!)

2. A pregnant woman gets tired! (I am so used to having a jam packed vacation with sight-seeing and itineraries planned down to the minutes, however I found that on this trip I could not keep up at my normal pace. This really surprised me for some reason. I hadn’t gained much weight, I was barely showing, and I felt fine…but my body reminded me occasionally that I was indeed pregnant and I probably needed to take a rest. My feet hurt more frequently, and I simply felt more fatigued….)

3. Sometimes Cruises are FUN (Being so close to all the Caribbean I have often NOT wanted to cruise around the island on one of the “big ships” and would rather explore an city or region on my own for a more authentic experience. However, with baby on the way an Alaskan cruise was the perfect way to go. This vacation allowed us to see scenery and terrain unlike any that we had ever experienced, all while keeping to our budget and allowing us not to stress about driving or navigating a new location while pregnant.)

4. Fear of flying is all in your head! (Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t LOVE to fly, but when I kept telling myself that “I don’t mind flying” and “I like flying” over and over again…I actually believe it. I found that if I repeated those statements to myself instead of rehearsing my fears I felt much calmer. I know that ultimately GOD is in control, and I should focus less on my fears and more on aligning my desires to His perfect will. That is a work in progress…)

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