Pregnancy Confessions….

I will be six months pregnant next week. That feels very weird to say….and even stranger to live out. I feel like my belly isn’t HUGE yet, however I am already starting to be uncomfortable sleeping at night, and Hubby complains that Miss Lily and I are hogging the whole bed. When I wake up I feel like I have ran a marathon…EVERYTHING HURTS! But, I am convinced that this and the constant heartburn are normal, so bring it on third trimester!

As I get ready to begin month six, I have just a few confessions to make. Remember…this is a NO JUDGEMENT BLOG! (If ya don’t like it…don’t read it!)

Confession #1: It still doesn’t feel real. I am pretty sure they are going to send me home with a little human in about three months and it STILL won’t feel real…but I will let you know how THAT goes when the time comes.

Confession #2: I love CHERRY COKE from Sonic! Yes, I know caffeine is apparently the devil for pregnant women, but my doc said 8oz of caffeine a day is fine. She probably doesn’t want me drinking all the sugar in cherry coke…but a small Sonic Cherry Coke once or twice a week is fine. DO NOT JUDGE ME! DO NOT LECTURE ME! I stick to my recommended caloric intake for the day, steer clear of most other junk foods, don’t give into cravings for chips and dessert (that often), and I exercise several times a week! LET. ME. HAVE. THIS. ONE. THING!

Confession #3: I don’t like feeling helpless! I think a lot of mothers-to-be enjoy being waited on, catered to, looked after, and worried about…BUT NOT ME! I would much rather feel like I have the independence to pick up a sack of potatoes, eat what I want, and do what I want without consulting a physician! I can’t even use my normal face wash or take Ibuprofen!!! YEESH!

Confession #4: There is not a stitch of pink in Baby Addie’s nursery. No, I am not one of those “pink haters,” but it just seems like there are only four colors in baby world (pink=girl, blue=boy, green/yellow=gender neutral). Addie’s nursery is nautical, so we will use gray and navy blue with accents of coral and yellow…but not hot pink. Yes, she will have pink clothes, and blankets,and toys I am sure. Like I said…I don’t hate pink.

Confession #5: I forgot what #5 was….(Just kidding), but this whole pregnancy brain thing is for real! Yesterday morning alone I tried to pour cereal in Hubby’s drink cup (witch his drink still in it) and put the jelly lid on the butter! I think it is more absent-mindedness than anything, but it makes me feel a little cray-cray!

Confession #6: I like mother earth, I try to eat “clean” when I can, and I recycle, but I am not into the whole natural childbirth. Yes, I am well aware that you, someone your know, or your mother may have given birth to a 10lbs baby at home, in a bath tub, at the birthing center, or without any pain mediation….BUT THAT AIN’T GONNA BE ME SISTA! Sign me up for epidurals-r-us!


I think that is probably enough for now….and I am ready for nap!

Hmm....seems about right!
Hmm….seems about right!

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Confessions….

  1. I just hit 6 months on Monday. And Sonic’s Cherry Limeades are my Kryptonite. Also our queen size bed just isn’t big enough for the both of us. And baby brain has made me forget how to cook simple things, like rice and potatoes. And the fact that I can’t move furniture to clean and nest is incredibly frustrating. And I hope you have an AMAZING birth!

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